Antisynthetase syndrome belongs to the subcategory Myositis

Antisynthetase syndrome is a chronic autoimmune condition and belongs to the subcategory myositis, that affects the muscles. The symptoms can vary but may include muscle inflammation, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite and joint pain In this episode, Dr. Christopher Mecoli, a physician in the Johns Hopkins Division of… Läs mer

Living a normal life with Dermatomyositis

Exercising, avoiding the sun, and maintaining a relatively stress-free lifestyle are three ways to stay healthy and avoid flares. Watch the last episode of this five-part video series with Dr. Eleni Tiniakou, a physician at the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center, explains the steps to living a normal life after a… Läs mer

Treatment options for Dermatomyositis

There are many side effects of the medication, Prednisone, that is used to treat myositis diseases, so the patient won’t stay on it for long. Scientists and doctors are still looking for alternative medicines that are more effective and less harmful. Watch the newest video from Dr. Eleni Tiniakou, a… Läs mer