Inflammatory muscle disease ”Myositis” with heart involvement

Muscular diseases do not always have ”neuromuscular” roots. Still quite unknown is the inflammation of muscles. This type of disease belongs to the family of autoimmune diseases. This is myositis and belongs to Rheumatic disease. The experts at Johns Hopkins’ rheumatology department show the latest findings. Here we go

The term “autoimmune myositis” describes a group of diseases in which the immune system causes inflammation of the muscle. Each disease is marked by a specific antibody biomarker that may help give rheumatologists clues about potential symptoms, treatments and disease prognosis. An antibody biomarker was recently discovered that identifies people with chronic skeletal muscle disease and severe heart muscle involvement.

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One Response to Inflammatory muscle disease ”Myositis” with heart involvement

  1. Nils says:

    It is such an interesting topic Liz It is the madness, what this autoimmune disease do. What type of therapy are you taking against the inflammation of the muscles + polyarthritis (cp)
    Can you do a multiple therapy which can be done against the polyarthritis. ( cortisone + biologic drug like simponi)