How to Recognize a inflamed Hip Replacement

Ok this message is for our best loveable girlfriend Liz – who do so much here. You can read all the news for free, you will not be stopped by stupid ads, yeah. They carry their high server costs without sponsors. Therefore a little recognition for our best, warmhearted girlfriend we know. 💞

I thought, how about a news especially about this topic.

Liz had theirs hip implants since her youth. This year she got suddenly great pain, pain she had never known before. 🙁
She was very worried, if her hip was inflamed, and often there could be complications for years to come.

Good news came weeks later, her second hips are 15 years old, they are still perfect except for a few material breaks. The trigger of her pain is the hip muscle sideways. Both come from their malignant polyarhritis or RA.
This is especially for you, so it looks like when hip inflamed,

Dear Liz – Take a look at the picture with the scar. Read the important article from Oslo University Hospital



Frilansarkitekt i sin egen lilla firma. Segling och större regattor är min passion :))

4 meninger om “How to Recognize a inflamed Hip Replacement

  • november 3, 2017 kl. 8:53 pm

    Faithful reader for more than 15 years, and you wrote it from my heart. ❤️ Thank hou for a interesting report, I also learned something new. I am glad, Liz feels better 🙂

  • Liz
    november 4, 2017 kl. 7:56 am

    I´m flattered ❤️ Thx for sharing of a wonderful article. 🙂

  • november 4, 2017 kl. 2:10 pm

    unsere gute Liz. ❤️ Hat immer ein offenes Ohr für jeden , Sie hat mir schon so oft geholfen mit großen Tipps. Hatte mir große Sorgen um dich gemacht und bin heilfroh das es nicht die Hüfte ist, sondern dein Rheuma. Danke für einen großen Bericht und Worte die einmal gesagt werden musste. Schönes Wochenende.

  • november 5, 2017 kl. 9:58 am


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